The North American bid did not contain

Only two of the 14 stadiums were deemed to have “sufficient levels of accommodation” resulting in a second “high risk” conclusion.

A third area of analysis – accommodation and transport combined – was also deemed “high risk”.

However, Fifa’s taskforce said it had obtained “enforceable government guarantees” which state the 12 host cities in Morocco will have a sufficient number of hotel rooms by 2026.

The North American bid did not contain any high risk elements but had three medium risk measures – government support, human rights and labour standards, and organising costs.

In analysing the human rights aspect of the bid, it was concluded new entry regulations being proposed by the US could damage “discrimination-free entry” to the country.

World football’s governing body could have disqualified Morocco had the bid scored less than two overall.

Both candidates now have to be approved at a meeting on 10 June before a vote of the 207 Fifa members three days later.

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